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I registered the website Gerfficient® on May 2, 2011. After several changes of the provider and the content management platform, I now run the website myself and store everything necessary for it at home. According to the motto "less is more", the website of large web space providers thus returns to my modest home.

Just as Gerfficient has its history, I have also gone my way, which I summarize below.

Intellectual Property

Hoffmann Eitle

Max at his employer, the patent law firm Hoffmann Eitle.

Maximilian started working at the patent law firm Hoffmann Eitle in Munich in 2018. Through his father, he came into contact with the profession of patent attorney at an early age, which he also discovered for himself as a vocation. He chose a career as a patent attorney because it allowed him to combine his strong technical interest with the challenges of protecting intellectual property and managing clients' inventions. As a candidate, Maximilian acquired in-depth knowledge of the proceedings before the European Patent Office, the German Patent and Trademark Office and the Federal Patent Court in preparation for the patent attorney examinations. He had the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience regarding the granting procedure as well as to participate in opposition and appeal proceedings.

Towards the end of 2021, Maximilian took the German patent attorney examination and passed it with the oral examination on December 9, 2021. Since that day, he has held the title of Patentassessor pursuant to Section 11 of the Patent Attorney Regulations.

Research and Science

Ph.D. in Electronic Engineering

Doctor of Philosophy in Electronic Engineering

Max receiving his Ph.D.

Max entered his Ph.D. at the Energy Research Lab of the University of Reading with his thesis advisor Dr. B. Potter and his project director Prof. W. Holderbaum.
The Energy Research Laboratory was originally part of the School of Systems Engineering, after its closure, the lab became part of the School of the Built Environment.

Maximilian started his PhD at the University of Reading in 2014, researching in the topic area of control engineering for batteries in low-voltage grids. During his PhD, he collaborated with Scottish and Southern Energy - one of the six major utility network operators in the UK - which involved him in a lively industry-related knowledge exchange. In his academic career, Maximilian participated in various conferences, self-published and also co-authored papers in journals, and specialized in the field of power electronics. In 2018, Maximilian successfully completed his Ph.D. and returned to Munich.


Diploma in Renewable Offshore Energy

Postgraduate Diploma in Offshore Renewable Energy with a First Class

In 2013, Maximilian applied for a position at the Universty of Edinburgh, where he pursued postgraduate studies as part of the IDCORE program. As part of the degree, he took advanced courses that gave him deep insights into power transmission engineering, mechanical engineering, naval architecture and hydrodynamics, but also allowed him to further his education in areas of marine biology, marine ecology, project management. The modules provided for this purpose were as follows:

DNV-GL is a merger of the Norwegian company Det Norske Veritas) and that of the German company Germanischer Lloyd.

After successfully completing all advanced training courses, Maximilian worked at DNV-GL in London, where he helped develop certification standards for wave energy generators. In 2014, he completed the program with a postgraduate diploma (First Class) and started his PhD.

Master in Electrical Engineering

Master of Engineering in Electronic Engineering with Honours in the First Class

Max receiving his master's degree

In 2009, Maximilian applied for the Bachelor of Electrical Engineering course at the University of Reading, but was able to progress to the Master's course due to his performance during his first years. As part of his course, Maximilian worked on research projects and passed the following modules:

Year 1 (2009/10)

Year 2 (2010/11)

Year 3 (2011/2012)

Year 4 (2012/2013)

On a voluntary basis, he also attended the following additional modules:

Maximilian completed his master's degree in electrical engineering (Honors of the First Class) in 2014.