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My website is being maintained. But no worries, I will gradually add back my content.


11. February 2022

Getting started with Pycairo

I am toying with the idea of animating vector graphics and reattempted learning working with a Python module providing bindings for the cairo graphics library.
8. February 2022

Datatypes in Python

Since Python 3.5 an improved specification of data types was introduced and with Python 3.10 this was simplified again to improve the readability of the code without limiting its functionality.
5. February 2022

Rookie mistakes made in Python

Classic beginner mistakes can become a habit. I have also noticed that and in this post I am summarizing the faux-pas I once have fallen victim to; hoping to avoid them from now on.
1. January 2022


This is the first page generated in 2022 for Gerfficient using Markdown as a file format. It shows keeps track of the fundamental syntax necessary for formatting a standard post or page using Grav.