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My trip to Germany and back

When I last drove to Munich and back, in order to visit my family and girlfriend, I decided to do something especially geeky: track my driving progress. The reason behind me tracking myself was two folded. For one I wanted to see if I could write a full app, front- and back-end to track myself across Europe, but mostly I wanted to keep my folks in the loop of where I am. Usually this was done by repetitively calling or, when having a break, posting or texting many to notify them of my progress. But this is neither live, precise, nor is it a pretty solution. Over a few posts (still to come) I will show you how I:

  • designed the iOS app (in Swift with MVC paradigm),
  • made a horribly insecure web server to track the (sometimes out of order) data, and
  • displayed the entire journey (in correct order) on a Google Map on my webpage.

But for now, here are the tracking results and me waffling about my journey.

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The end
The end